Lamp Unto My Feet Flashcards

This free Windows desktop application will give you all the tools you need for memorizing Bible verses. Download links for the application setup file are near the bottom of the screen.
How does this app work?
This application has a series of mini games you can use to learn Bible verses and their references. Each mini-game tests you with 8 random verses from your verse library. Every time you click the “Play Again” button, you get 8 more verses.
If you don’t care which verses are being displayed then that’s all you do.
If you do want to work on specific verses, you can directly specify the ones you want, or they are selected based on the difficulty rating you have given them.
This application also features a flashcard maker, a poster maker/slideshow, study tools and a Bible Books order game.
Scroll down for more info!

Main Screen Screenshot


Verse Memory: Visually memorize the verse as best you can then try to type the first letter of each word. When you get a letter right, the word is displayed. There are multiple hint and reveal options to help you learn. You can have each verse show a related picture if you choose. Use the backspace key to retype difficult parts of a verse without having to start over.

Connect the Verses: Learn to associate The verse’s Book Chapter and Verse numbers using the Connect the lines game. Random verses are shuffled onto the screen. You click on a verse then click on the corresponding verse reference. If you are correct a line is drawn between them.

For learning to associate the The verse’s Book Chapter and Verse numbers you can also use the “Matching Verse Reference” game to choose from multiple choice answers. As with all the games in this application, the verses that show up the most are determined by either direct selection or by your difficulty rating.

Even more Features

Animated Flashcards Game.
Guess the verse from the verse reference, or guess the verse reference from the verse!
You can set the difficulty rating
of each verse so that it shows up more or less often.

Store your verses in the app’s database. Sort by difficulty rating, bible book order, verse reference, verse text or which selected. Export option to access the verses you’ve learned for other applications. Import verses from the internet right into your library.

Flashcard maker: Use the templates included to easily add verses to flashcard pages. The application prints the verses on one side of the page, and the verse reference on the other side. Cut the flashcards out with scissors. You can also output picture files to print on other devices. Multiple choices for templates and backgrounds and easy font sizing to make the verse text fit the card quickly.


In most the application’s games and utilities, pressing and holding down either the + and – keys on your numeric keypad will increase or decrease the font size. The Page Up and Page Down keys will scroll the text if it is too large to fit on screen. The application will remember your font size settings.
You can also change the font for all the games and flashcards!

Color Options

8 different looks

Change the look of the entire application with just a click in the options window.

Green / White

Red / Blue

Old Parchment

Mt. Sinai

The Study

Charcoal Grey

Yellow / Blue



Study Verses

The View Verses button lets you quickly pull up verses from your library.
You can make a selected verse into a poster by pressing the Fullscreen button.

The most important part of Bible memorization is furthering your understanding of the meaning of the verses, taking them to heart, rather than just mindlessly memorizing lists of words.
The Study Verse button helps by giving you some online options for learning more about the selected verse.
When you click on a resource button, the web page opens, taking you directly to the specific verse where you can see the context of the verse. You can also see further commentaries and devotionals related to that verse.
The comparison buttons will open pages showing the verse in many different translations, giving you a look at alternate interpretations of the original Hebrew/Greek texts, and that may give you a greater understanding of the intended meaning. 


Bible Books Game

Learn the order of the 66 Books of the Bible. Even if you know the order already, it’s fun just to challenge yourself to see how fast you can put the books back in order.


Add/Edit Verses

Click the Add/Edit Verse List button to open this grid view of the verses you have added. Select a verse by clicking on the left side (the red squares in the example below, not the checkbox). The verse will be highlighted and then when you click the Edit Verse button another window opens. (Shown below.)

You can change the difficulty rating here if desired. Most other games in this app let you change the rating there as well.

Lamp Unto My Feet Flashcards imports verses from the internet. You specify the Bible Translation, book, chapter, and starting verse. (and ending verse if you are choosing a range of verses) and then you press the Import button in the Add Verses window. The verse(s) will appear in the verse textbox and a web browser will appear so you can see the book and chapter from which the verse was taken.
You can also type in the verse in the verse textbox or copy and paste from your clipboard. If you are manually entering the verse, then copying and pasting is the recommended method as you are less likely to make a mistake.

The Library Info/Sorting button shows you more information about the verses, such as number of Scriptures, totals of each translation and lets you sort by any column. Note that you can also sort by clicking on the header of any column in the library grid.

Library Information

You can load verse collections as well. Verse collections are saved as LPF files that you can share with other people.
Once you have installed the application you can double-click on an LPF file, the application with start with that library loaded.
Click on the icons below to download some of our verse collections!

Downloadable Verse Collections


How this application chooses Verses:

In most of this application’s games, verses are chosen in sets of 8.
You play a game with those 8 verses until you generate a new set to play with.
If you want to be tested on certain verses you can either:
1) Directly select them by checking their checkbox in the add/edit verses window.
2) Increase their difficulty rating so they show up more often.
The options window’s verse selection section lets you specify “Direct Selection” or “Difficulty rating” as the verse selection method. You can change this setting any time.
Direct selection will guarantee that verses show up each time.
The difficulty rating method only increases the odds of the verse showing up if it’s difficulty rating is high. If you set a verse’s difficulty to 0 it will rarely appear.
Most of the app’s games have difficulty rating controls so you can adjust them as you play.

In direct selection mode, the generated sets of 8 verses should be a combination of selected verses and random verses.
Ideally you would have less than 8 directly selected verses so that after the selected verses are chosen, a few random verses can still be added to keep the verse sets somewhat mixed.
The easiest way to understand this is to picture the the whole verse library as a deck of cards. You take out the 1 – 5 cards out that you really want to learn, then you shuffle the rest of the deck and take out a few more random cards so that you now have 8 cards in your hand.
This is how this application generates a set of verses for each game.


Flashcard Maker

When learning or reviewing your verses, it helps to have the verse with you on your person, so you can glance at it. The flashcard maker lets you easily create flashcards from your verses. The application makes two pages – the front page with the verse texts and a back page with the verse reference names. You print the texts, then put the page back into your printer to print the opposite side with the verse references.
You can also export the bitmaps as jpg, png or bmp formats to print with other applications.


There are 3 templates to choose from. Larger input areas are provided for verses with larger amounts of text.

Flashcard Backgrounds

There are 6 backgrounds to choose from.


Old Paper





On Display!

Poster Maker and Slideshow Feature

You can view your verses with spectacular background images, changing the font, font size and color. Generate countless random backgrounds.
You have the option of saving the image as a file.
Click the slideshow button to have the application randomly show all your verses. This works as a screensaver and as a reminder for you of your verses.
You can change the speed of the slideshow in options.
Using 12 different fonts, multiple gradients types of random colors, multiple textured backgrounds, mathematically generated cloud patterns, and different border patterns, you will rarely see the same backdrop twice.


This Windows application is 100% free.
The portable version below will work on any Windows platform that has .net Framework 4.61 or newer installed.
If you’re not sure you have that, you can download and run the Full Setup Installer setup and it will check if you have it and install it if you don’t.

This application is updated almost daily, adding new features and improvements, but your own existing verse libraries will not be affected. Check back periodically to take advantage of the improvements and new features.

Latest Updates:
Jan 2, 2022 at 9:00am (“Type First Letter of Each Word” game now lets you move forward or backward by phrases, rather than sentences.)
Oct 30, 2021 at 9:44am (library row editing and selected simplified; improved text importing and formatting; added verse copy to clipboard and bible translation in view verse panel)
Nov 6, 2021 at 10:44am (added verse selector to the verse memory game so users can directly choose the verse they are learning)
Feb 10, 2022 at 7:00pm (added first letter of each phrase visibility toggle to “Type First Letter of Each Word” game. Option is coming to choose sentences or phrases, that will also affect moving back and forth through sentences/phrases.)
Feb 22, 2022 at 5:30am Added New hint mode to “Type First Letter of Each Word” game. Now the hint button toggles between three states: No Hint, Phrase Hint, and Word Hint. User can remember verse visually using the letter hints, while revealing the verse by typing in the first letter of each word. Word Hint only shows the first letters of each word.

Portable Version for Windows
Full Setup Installer for Windows

If the installation doesn’t work, you may need to run the Windows VC redistributable setup.
Here is the VC C++ 2019 redist setup

Verse Libraries can be dowloaded here

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Their application is brilliant! It really has helped me learn so many new Bible verses


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The application is very easy on my eyes when I am spending so much time memorizing my Bible verses. Thank you so much!

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I’m surprised this is a free application. It has so many features you can’t find in just one flashcard application.